About This Project



Safety in Numbers is a short film I self funded and produced in 2015. In spring big groups of starlings come together to roost in the same location. By gathering in big numbers they are safer for attacks by birds of pray or other predators. This year they choose the neighbourhood Kanaleneiland in Utrecht as their sleeping grounds. They even choose a very special part of the neighbourhood, the area called Eiland8.


Eiland8 is a hub of small companies and starters all working in the creative sector and professional services. A colorfull and unique project of which I had the honour to be part of for many years. All toghether we worked as a group of professionals in the middle of the neighbourhoud and simultaneously influenced life in the area in a positive manner. And now the starlings where right there with us, every night! With Safety in Numbers I try to find poetic links between the arrival of the starlings this time of year and the creative people who live here.


And of course I’m not making this film all by myself so big thanks and credits to the people helping me out who are all people who live(d) and work(ed) in the area called Eiland8!


a film by Dick Harrewijn

spoken word Aisling Marks

written word Chris Blokland

music and sound design Joep Vermolen

sound mix Dylan Groot

coordination Casper Broekaart

design Martijn Doolaard

natural history, production