I recieve a lot of questions about the equipment I use. Sometimes these questions come from producers who like to work with camerapeople with specific equipment, but also from collegues or enthusiasts looking for ideas to upgrade their setup. I’d love to talk about equipment, so if you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Its often the camera that people start their questions about. But I believe lenses are equaly important (if not more!) to get the shot to look the way I want it to. The list below will show my love for lenses and I’m planning to write more about the differences between my sets here on these pages.


But talking about the camera, I’m filming with the Sony Venice since its release and still love this camera to the present day. But I’ve owned and used many other cameras. More about this down below.


I mostly use Vocas accessoires and supports for these cameras.

  • Canon 50-1000 mm cine lens. PL mount.
  • Canon 17-120 mm cine lens. PL mount.




  • Sony A7s3 set for lowlight filming.
  • Zcam E2 set for remote operating and backup camera.
  • Various lenses and adapters for Z-Cam, GH5 and A7s2 (also Canon EF, see down below for lenses)


  • Canon timelapse kit based on 6D cameras
  • Various Canon mount lenses from 10-1200mm
  • Sigma 120-300mm F2.8 Sports and Sigma 150-600mm Sports
  • Full set Sigma Art photo primes from 14 – 85 mm EF mount
  • Set of Sigma high speed photo zooms – F1.8 18-35 and 50-100 EF mount


  • Full set of vintage Leica R lenses. EF mount
  • Full set of vintage Leica Macro lenses. EF mount.
  • Various Leica lenses with different caracters.
  • Full set of vintage Mamiya 645 medium format lenses. EF and PL mount.


  • Various grip like gimbals for different camera setup, a very portable 3,5 meter jib and some sliders.
  • Sachtler V25 for heavy or longlens setups.
  • Sachter V20 for lighter setups.
  • Various small tripods in all shapes, weights and sizes. Mainly Benro.


  • Nightime starlight camera set with IR lights and motion triggers
  • Multiple daylight cameratrap setups using multiple cameras. Can be used with Panasonic GH5(s), Sony A7s2/3 or others.
  • Various mini cams like Gopros including one with c-mount lenses and Panasonic vingercam.


  • 2x HMI 575 with open front and freshnell lenses
  • Various sizes led lights – from very small to 1×1 lights.
  • Various medium led lights from freshnells to big softbox.
  • Various accessoires to shape light like projection lenses, cucoloris, flags and frames.
  • Various small led lights like a 6 lights Relio2 set.
  • Full set of IR lights with cables and power supplies.
  • Euromex cold light source with flexible arms


  • Own studio space 6×6 meter
  • Edit set for 4K editing
  • Shiny 4×4 Landcruiser
  • Loads of camera bags, cases, etc ready for any adventure. Prefered brand for camerabackpacks is Tenba and big size camerabags from Portabrace.

“They might say I’m crazy owning so much lenses. No, I’m not crazy, everyone else is!”

Full equipment list available on request.


Although the Sony Venice is my current workhorse I have much experience filming with Red One/Epic, Arri Alexa, Sony FS7/F5/F55, Sony F800 and many others.


I believe no project is the same and every project has its own needs. I see a great joy in selecting the right equipment for the right job. I strongly advice producers to allow me or other camerapersons to involve us in these choice as soon as possible.

Even though I own a lot of equipment, over the years I’ve tried to make equipment choices based upon the needs of the projects, not on my own equipment list.