About This Project

From the forest of the Ardennes to the dunes of the Belgium coast. Our Nature will tell the story of the Belgium wild in one cinema feature and 7 episodes of pure wildlife documentary. 


From beginning 2019- summer 2021 I’ve been working on a high-end seven part wildlife series called ‘Onze Natuur’ (tl. Our Nature).  Two years to film one cinema feature and 7 50 min. episodes, it certainly was a huge challenge!


My hope is to be able to surprise the 11 million Belgium citizens that they can be proud beyond borders about all the nature that there is still to find in this small country. If they are just a little surprised as I was when I started on this production I’m sure this series will change a lot about how the Belgium think about their natural world.


To read more about this project, please visit www.onzenatuur.be or contact me.

Official website



Production - Hotel Hungaria
Series director - Jozef Deville / Pablo Eekman
Film director - Maria van Lente Dick Harrewijn / Pim Niesten
D.O.P. and field dir. - Dick Harrewijn / Pim Niesten

cinema, human documentary, natural history