Vroege Vogels

About This Project

For more than two years I’ve worked as the main wildlife cameraman for the Dutch nature television program called Vroege Vogels. In total I’ve worked on five seasons of the program, which is more than 60 episodes. This television show is about nature and wildlife within the Dutch borders, from centipede to sea eagle, from city wildlife to the wildest places. Each aspect of wildlife and environment is on show.

My work here consisted of providing new and actual wildlife footage and sequence work. Next to this I got the change to create, shoot and direct television my own wildlife videos. Mainly in the field I’m working on my own, but overall it means working in a big team of researchers and directors. The list of animal species I’ve filmed for the show is just to big to list here, but when I say I’ve been from north to south and from east to west, all over the Netherlands you might get an idea. The work for this program has brought me a good experience in different approaches of wildlife, an extensive knowledge about European wildlife and above all I got the change to enlarge my network in the Dutch wildlife/nature/science world hugely.

I hope to be able to show a few of the stories I’ve made right on this page. For now I’m only able to provide links.

Life in the leaf litter; A story I filmed and directed about life in forest floor.


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